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Nivetti’s 48 Port GE Base-T + 4 X 1G/10G SFP+ access Switch is a fully managed L3 enterprise grade switch designed to provide versatile connectivity to spectrum of devices in an enterprise and branch office networks.

With advanced features like REST APIs, ZTP, TWAMP and Dying Gasp NSP switches provide ease of provisioning and monitoring using centralized SDN controller where entire network can be managed from a central location for configurations, monitoring and automated upgrades. Features like COA, RADIUS and TACACS+ allow for central management of policies and security. NSP switches support most of the popular NAC solutions available in the marker. 



Product Highlights

  • Powered by the revolutionary Nivetti NiOSTM Network Operating System which caters to the new age requirements of security, scalability and extensibility.

  • Enterprise switch designed to provide power efficient and reliable connectivity solution.

  •  Offered with dual hot swap power, PoE/PoE+ and stacking options.

  • Dedicated out of band management port for segregation of Data and management traffic.

  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) for reduced power consumption in non-office/lean activity hours.

  • 1G/10G SFP+ uplink option to upgrade the access network to 10G distribution layer in event of increase in bandwidth consumption in access.

Key Specifications

Part Number Description
L2/L3 switch with Dual Hot swap Power and stacking
L2/L3 PoE+ switch with Dual Hot swap Power and stacking

Key Features

High Availability

Dual hot swap power supply option provides protection against power failures. Features like ERPS provide 50ms switchover protection against link/node failure for mission critical applications

Versatile Access

Multi-purpose fully managed L2/L3 switch which can be used by larger organisations in access or SMBs in Core.- All-encompassing L2 and L3 feature stack- Flexibility of deployment as access or distribution switch

Secure Network

Powered by highly secure NiOS™ Network Operating Systems.

Dying GASP

Switch detects power dip and sends a dying gasp notification to centralized monitoring system to inform about the power outage at remote site to take corrective action.


IoTWiz feature allows for monitoring traffic activity from PoE/PoE+ active devices like IP cameras to help identify functional failures in connected remote device saving hours of manual audit effort. Corrective actions like rebooting device can be programmed in the switch itself for automation.



  • FCC Class A

  • CE EN55022 Class A

  • CE EN55024

  • CE EN61000-4-2

  • CE EN61000-4-3

  • CE EN61000-4-4

  • CE EN61000-4-5

  • CE EN61000-4-6

  • CE EN61000-4-8


  • EN 62368-1:2014+A11
  • EN 60950/
  • UL 60950/
  • IEC 60950

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