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NSP-24 10G

Nivetti’s 24 Port 1G/10G SFP+ Switch is a fully managed L3 switch designed to provide distribution layer connectivity to the access layer switches in an enterprise and Servers in a Datacenter networks as a TOR/Leaf switch. 

With advanced features like REST APIs, ZTP and TWAMP, NSP switches provide ease of provisioning and monitoring using centralized SDN controller where entire network can be managed from a central location for configurations, monitoring and automated upgrades. Features like COA, RADIUS and TACACS+ allow for central management of policies and security. NSP switches support most of the popular NAC solutions available in the market. 

NSP-24 10G


Product Highlights

  • Powered by the revolutionary Nivetti NiOS™ Network Operating System which caters to the new age requirements of security, scalability and extensibility.

  •  Aggregation switch designed to provide power efficient and reliable L2/L3 fiber connectivity solution 

  • Offered with high availability dual hot-swap power supply configuration options.

  • Dedicated out of band management port for segregation of Data and management traffic.

  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) for reduced power consumption in non-office/lean activity hours.

  •  Multiple 10G SFP+ ports for organizations to aggregate Server and SAN traffic 

Key Specifications

Part No. Description
Fiber L3 switch with Dual Hot swap Power and stacking

Key Features

High Availability

Dual hot-swap power supply and hot-swap fan option provide for in-service field replacement. Features like ERPS provide 50ms switchover protection against link/node failure for mission-critical applications

L2/L3 Resiliency

Self-healing L2 and L3 technologies like ERPS, LACP, Static LAG, MLAG, ECMP and VRRP provide uninterrupted connectivity across L2 and L3 topologies

Secure Network

Powered by highly secure NiOS™ Network Operating Systems.

Low Latency

Low forwarding latency of 2us or lower allows. Programmable cut-through mode for applications requiring very low latency.

10G Aggregation Switch

Multi-purpose fully managed L2/L3 switch which can be used in multiple deployment scenarios- All-encompassing L2 and L3 feature stack-Flexibility of deployment as Distribution, SAN or DC TOR / Leaf switch



  • FCC Class A

  • CE EN55022 Class A
  • CE EN55022

  • CE EN55024

  • CE EN61000-4-2

  • CE EN61000-4-3

  • CE EN61000-4-4

  • CE EN61000-4-5

  • CE EN61000-4-6

  • CE EN61000-4-8


  • EN 62368-1:2014+A11
  • EN 60950/
  • UL 60950/
  • IEC 60950

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