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Packet on the wire doesn't lie!!!

With the evolving threat landscape, the cyber security problem has become multi-faceted. Current generation cyber security technologies are falling short in terms of offering a compressive solution. The perimeter security technologies are exploited on the fundamental principle of separating the trusted and non-trusted zones by compromising devices in the trusted zone. Technologies like SIEM are helping to aggregate threat intelligence from multiple devices hence limited by the threat detection capability of deployed security measures. These technologies are essential but not sufficient to provide a comprehensive security solution.

The fact that more than 60 % of data breaches originate from insider threats calls for zero-trust solution which monitors anything and everything on the network across both trusted and untrusted zones.

Nivetti’s Hawksecure™ network detection and response solution is a highly advanced AI/ML based advanced threat hunting platform which monitors every packet on the network in both east-west and north-south directions to provide early and accurate threat detection, complete visibility of what’s happening on the network and the ability to conduct forensics and security compliance audits.

Threat Detection Engines

Product Highlights

Early Threat Intelligence

HawkSecure provides ability to detect threats early in the cycle before they can inflict any damage to the organisation. HawkSecure's Threat Detection Engines provide ability to break the kill chain at every stage of an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).


HawkSecure™ provides ability to store long term data capturing all network activity on per device basis across the network and ability to search this data using easy queries to help find that needle in the haystack.

360° Visibility

You can't stop what you can't see. HawkSecure™ provides complete visibility into both North-South and East-West traffic inside an organisation to solve this problem. This unprecedented visibility into network activity provides next level of security awareness.


With connected and all empowered employees, it's becoming difficult for organisations to enforce compliance of its security policies by its employees. HawkSecure™ provides ability to send policy violation alerts to both violating employees and the administrators to help ensure compliance.

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