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The Next Generation Secure, Hyper-Scale & Programmable Network Operation System.  

When we started our quest for the future of Networking technologies, we realized that the fundamental networking technology which is the brain behind every networking device, the Network Operating System cannot be based on platforms that were designed 15-20 years back. The reason being the unprecedented scale at which bandwidth and user scalability has evolved was hard to imagine when these platforms were designed. Security was not even a consideration as moving the packet from one point to the other efficiently was the only focus. The proof of that is in the fact that hundreds of vulnerabilities keep getting reported and exploited on these platforms year after year resulting in loss of Billions of dollars to the global GDP.

This is what motivated us to take a grounds up approach to building the next generation Network Operating System, NiOS™, on the foundation blocks of security, scalability and programmability.

The Technology

Security Certifications

Security Certifications

Security certified by DRDO-SAG as the only secure indigenous Network Operating System.

Tested against NDPP standards of security.

Key Design Principles

Secure by design

NiOS™ is designed grounds up for security on the architectural foundation of prevention, isolation and containment.


Designed to natively support open API layer for provisioning and automation.


Tens of Thousands of interfaces, Millions of routes and real-time processing of high-speed network events.


Unique non-blocking asynchronous architecture for unprecedented performance and network convergence.
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