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About Nivetti


Nivetti Systems is a new age Secure Networking & Cyber Security Company which is rethinking the way Network and Cyber Security systems are to be built for trusted and secure communication in the era of shared network infrastructure and disaggregation of hardware and software. Nivetti’s Network Operating System (NiOS), which is India’s first indigenous Network Operating System delivers highly secure and scalable platform for the next generation hyperscale software-defined networks running on custom hardware and Virtualized environments. Nivetti offers a comprehensive range of network solutions for modern businesses. Our solutions are designed to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, plug-and-play functionality, and robust security control. We provide innovative, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions that reduce TCO and improve business efficiency. Whether you need to extend reliable enterprise connectivity services, enhance reliability and confidentiality, or improve operational productivity, we have covered it all for you.

Our Mantra


“The security of your Networks is only as strong as the Network OS running on the devices”

“The first line of defense in protecting your Network is to ensure that you use secure Networking devices. Network Operating System being the brain of every Network device needs to be secure and trusted.     NiOS™ Network OS is developed grounds up for security and is immune to the majority of vulnerabilities which impact global networking systems.”


“In this era of rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, 360° monitoring is a must to keep you safe.”

As cyber threats continue to evolve and traditional security measures become less effective, networks must play a more significant role in defending the organizations. Nivetti’s HawkSecure™ product is a Zero-Trust Security platform that collects and analyses all East-West and North-South traffic to identify APTs, BOTs and a host of internet originated and insider threats.


“Take control of your network security and stay ahead of constant threats with Automation.”

“Adversaries are using advanced automation techniques to constantly attack the networks and exploit every crack in the security strategy of an organization. It is hard for traditional security strategy to keep up with this 24X7 onslaught. This calls for a fully automated closed-loop security system which not only identifies the threats but also mitigates them without human intervention.”